Begin again

18 May, 2021

18 May, 2021

Starting a new chapter in your life can be very daunting. A lot of unknowns lie ahead, and the road is paved with insecurities, fear, and uncertainty. Often, these are what holds us back and prevents us from starting anew.

“When nothing is sure, everything is possible.”

Margaret Drabble

But maybe those are also the exact reasons why we should start afresh. There is no greater victory in life than overcoming our own self-inflicted limitations. Starting a new chapter fuels us and helps us to face those fears, deal with our insecurities, and embrace the uncertainty.

Along life’s journey, each encounter, each experience contributes to crafting our perceptions and outlook on life. As we grow, our perceptions influence our character and our belief systems. Because our experiences have led us to believe what we do, changing that belief is uncomfortable, if not near impossible.

“What if I fall? My darling, what if you fly.”

Erin Hanson

Sometimes we need to dare to assess, evaluate, and even unlearn some of the precepts that exists within us, in order to give ourselves freedom to grow further, learn again, re-create, and evolve. We need to find the courage to imagine the infinite possibilities that exists in the unknown and pursue them passionately.

So, should the opportunity to begin again present itself, no matter how unattractive and daunting it might appear at first, grab it gracefully and embrace the learning and growth that ultimately results from going through the process.

If you are ever faced with a situation where you need to start over, consider trying the following:

  1. Accept it as reality – Be present and aware of the realities and accept it.
  2. Understand your feelings – It’s ok to feel down, unsure, scared sometimes. Be kind and patient with yourself but focus forward.
  3. Take active steps to identify and address your areas of improvement – Take time out for introspection. Be honest with yourself about areas of improvement, and actively try to address them.
  4. Enjoy the journey – Love yourself, have fun, and embrace the experience. Every chapter is a learning opportunity, so enjoy it!
  5. Pay it forward – Share your experiences with others to encourage each other to keep moving forward.

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