Who we are

Crafting technical solutions for you, your team and your business.

Fluid Intellect is the brainchild of Samantha Singh, experienced IT professional and strategically-minded people-motivator and tech-enabler. Specialising in strategic alignment and project rescue in financial services, Samantha understands multi-faceted tech problems and can decipher them and turn them into workable, business-aligned solutions. She is forward-thinking to the extreme, and passionate about helping facilitate tech-savviness in her clients.

What we’re about

We have an uncanny ability to see what lies behind and beneath, and to blend business acumen and IT expertise to produce strategic, results-driven solutions that yield cost-effective results. Whether consulting, design an IT strategy, performing a project rescue or conducting in-depth training for your team, we do it with passion, in language everyone understands.

Engineering Practices
Samantha Singh

Founder Samantha Singh

“Growing up in the city of gold my parents taught me my most valuable lesson in life: when someone else believes in you, it’s just a matter of time before you believe in yourself too. I take the same approach – I see the possibility in life and in others. I’m optimistic, curious and tenacious. I have high standards. I have an eye for detail, but can see the bigger picture. All this, plus my aptitude for technology and business and the intersection of the two, is probably why I’m good at solving problems, and able to make a tangible difference to a business’ bottom line.

I’m passionate about working on technical projects, whether designing and architecting at greenfields level, or resolving and rescuing existing troubled projects. I’ve the energy for big goals and complex decisions. I never stop learning and am constantly asking the questions: “how does it work?” and “why?”

What our clients say

“Samantha is one of the strongest and most phenomenal women I have met in my life. I stay in contact with her because I am constantly learning a lot from her. At one of the worst points in my life, through her mentorship, she picked me up and gave me courage. Samantha, you are a blessing.”

Paula Mphwatshirema

Project Engineer, Deloitte

“Samantha is outcome-driven and falls in love with the problem not just creating a technical solution. A high calibre individual willing to take on activities beyond her comfort zone. Her success and energy stem from her inner value system… Sam lives by it!”

Julian Ramiah

Chief Information Security Officer, Liberty Group

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